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Heavenly Hell by Aria Williams (TOUR)

Release Date: April 24th 2013
161 Pages
Series: Heavenly Hell #1

You'd think being stuck in the body of a beautiful seventeen year old girl forever would be a gift. But when you are fallen, it is more like a curse.

Indiana was a beautiful angel, enjoying the perks of Heaven, until she was tricked by a demon to fall in love with him. She was forced to fall from Heaven and remain in her seventeen year old form, banished to Earth, for all of eternity. 

Now, unable to cope with her banishment, she is a seemingly normal seventeen year old girl by day, while she spends her nights punishing men for the wrongs they have committed against women. 

Although Indiana has lived on Earth for thousands of years, she recently settled into a small town, where she has finally been able to make some lasting friendships. When a handsome, mysterious boy comes to town, Indiana knows something is not right. He might end up her ally, or she might end up in the fight of her life.

This book was surprising, in a good way.  The basic premise is pretty simple and the story line is easy to follow.  So the book is about Indy--an angel who fell from Heaven--who pretty much was screwed over by a demon.  So she lives a normal life by day, and goes out hunting men at night.  The men are abusive to women, though, not just random guys.  Anyway, a guy named Nate comes to town to hunt Indy because the thinks she's a demon.  They fall in love, la dee da.

I love Indy.  She's headstrong and kick-a.  She doesn't need help from others, really, and she knows what she's doing.  She also has a cause and great motives and characterization; I connected and cared about her.  Nate was okay, but I loved him with Indy.  They were so perfect together.  He was kind of naive though, and I didn't like him at first because he was a blind follower.  As he developed more as a character I grew to like him.  The chemistry between Nate and Indy was great though.  And the split narrative was fantastic.

The story was compelling.  I really enjoyed it and I loved the easy, flowing writing.  The relationships in this book really made the book better~they were steady, healthy relationships and they were intriguing.  I'm ready for the next book.  This book was a perfect length, too; it kept me reading without dragging on scenes.  I also thought that the world building was great; not terrible information dumps. I highly recommend this!  Great read!

About the Author
I am an author with Limitless Publishing who loves to write YA and paranormal romance.
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  1. Thanks for your review Sophia, I'm scheduled to go up later in the week too. I thought the book had an interesting concept, a bit too teenage-y in some aspects though. Probably to be expected I guess!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence


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